Landlord policy

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Landlord or Dwelling Fire Policy:

It Is not always easy to be a landlord, but it is easier if you have the right insurance protection for your investment. What does the landlord or Dwelling Fire policy cover?

  • Property Damage Protection
  • Loss of Rental income
  • Personal Property
  • Liability
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Property Damage Protection:

A landlord or Dwelling fire policy typically covers damage to rental property caused by fire, bad weather or Vandalism and malicious mischief.

Loss of Rental Income:

If the property is damaged under a covered loss, this coverage will reimburse you for the income lost during that time.

Personal Property:

Under personal property coverage your tools like lawn mower, snow blower etc. that you use to maintain the rental property are covered when kept at the rental property. In most cases it does not cover theft by tenants. 

Liability Coverage:

If someone is hurt while living or visiting the rental property, liability insurance provide coverage for medical cost, legal fee and settlements.